Anastasia Confections & Candy Products
Established in 1984 in Florida, Anastasia Confections has been committed to the development of innovative specialty candy products. Their product lines include world famous Coconut Patties, Salt Water Taffy, Coco Bites, Coco Dreams, Chocolate Alligators, Jelly Candies, and a variety of chocolate covered items in bright, colourful packaging. Made fresh daily in a state-of-the-art Orlando facility from time-tested and proven recipes with only the finest ingredients.
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Meticulous commitment to quality is maintained through selective purchasing
of only the highest quality ingredients.
Quality management extends from a careful selection of ingredients, throughout the manufacturing process, in packaging, and management of distribution.
    World Famous Creamy Coconut Patties          
Creamy Coconut Patties are dipped in rich dark chocolate and individually wrapped to enhance and prolong freshness. These delectable treats are available in six delicious flavours, and our uniquely colourful tropical packaging is sure to catch anyone’s attention!
Available as:
• Candy Bars
• Movie Theater
• 12 oz. Boxes
8 oz. & 16 oz. Boxes
Mini Patties Boxes
Other Counter Displays
Floor Display Shippers
    Coco Dreams (NEW!)     Coconut Delights (NEW!)    
Our NEW Premium candy line available in 3 delicious flavours!
Each Chocolate Coco Dream is made up of a creamy shredded coconut center infused with vanilla cookie crumb, Dutch cocoa, and a hint of one of the 3 flavours, all covered in rich dark chocolate.
Our NEW colorful candy line available in 3 delicious flavours!
Each Coconut Delight is made up of our smooth, creamy shredded coconut center with a hint of one of the 3 flavours, covered in rich dark chocolate. Experience the wonderful balance of richness and flavour with every bite; it will surely be a delight!
    Salt Water Taffy     Choc-O-Gators    
Flavoured Salt Water Taffy. Each piece of taffy will leave you wanting more with its unique, soft, non-sticky texture and its irresistible flavour. Available in a variety of vibrant packaging:
• Gift Boxes   • Hanging Bags   • Floor Display Shippers
Alligator candies made with pure milk chocolate
    Jelly Citrus Candy     Coco Rhumbies    
Assorted Fruit Squares in 4 natural flavours including orange, key lime, lemon and cherry. Appealing to both the taste buds and the eyes, the delicious jelly Fruit Squares are packaged in a colorful and inviting box. Available in Window Boxes and Counter Displays.
These mouthwatering treats are made with rum flavored chocolate and creamy coconut candy. Packaged in our colourful
Taste of the Tropics, Pirate’s Treasure or
Taste of the Islands boxes.
    Florida Favorites     Seasonal Products    
Assorted candies in a large variety of fun colourful packaging: Ju Ju Fish, Sour Brite Crawlers, Peachios, Gummi Gators, Fruit Squares, Florida Treats, Citrus Delights, Gummi Sharks, Gummi Peachies, etc.
Coconut Patties and Salt Water Taffies available in Spring, Halloween and Xmass themed packaging:
Boxes and Shipper Display Units.
    Chocolate Products     Premium Fudge    
Premium pretzels covered in delicious milk chocolate.
Available in Shipper Dispay Units and Premium Boxes.
Delicious chocolate fudge made with the finest ingredients that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Easy to cut and share for holidays or special occasions!



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